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Active Parenting of Teens
Do you want to have a better relationship with your teen? The challenge of successfully ushering children through their teen years has always been among parents' hardest-won achievements. This series focuses on methods of respectful discipline, teaching responsibility, communication with teens, and how to be an encouraging parent. Parent must enroll teen in Teens in Action class! Fee of $10 due upon registration.

Best Dads
This 10-week course will explore topics such as discipline and creative play, fathering sons and daughters, teamwork with spouse and co-parent, communication and problem-solving, and balancing work and fathering. Fee of $10 due upon registration.

Best Moms
This 10-week course will explore topics such as child growth, parent/child communication skills, positive discipline, helping children develop positive self-esteem, and dealing with stress. Fee of $10 due upon registration.

Branching Out
Branching Out is a support group for moms that offers empowerment, support and therapeutic guidance in a peaceful setting. Branching Out works to nurture connections through moms and their children, one branch at a time. Child care is provided. Cost: FREE

1st Wednesday of every month (Lafayette) 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2nd Wednesday of every month (Crowley) 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

This 2-hour program is offered as a supplement to TransParenting. It is designed for children who are experiencing parental separation and divorce, and includes three versions tailored to address the specific needs of participants. Primary curriculum for children ages 5-8. Intermediate curriculum for ages 9-12. Teen curriculum for ages 13 and up. Parents must register and attend Transparenting. Fee of $10 due upon registration.

Teens in Action
This 6-week class is designed for use with children ages 11-16. This workshop series will address the issues of self-image, emotion, communication, power struggles, and peer pressure in order to fully equip students with facing the challenges of school and community involvement. Parents must enroll in Active Parenting of Teens! Fee of $10 due upon registration.

TransParenting is a one time, 4-hour parent seminar designed to teach effective parenting during the transitions of divorce or parental separation. It impresses upon parents the critical role they play in their child's ability to adjust to changes surrounding divorce. The seminar emphasizes each parent's responsibility to provide a nurturing non-threatening environment for their child(ren). Topics include: feelings associated with divorce, ways that children of different ages react during transition, parenting approaches that benefit your children, suggested ways for talking to children about divorce, and other adjustments children may make. This is an educational program and not a counseling session. Parents will not be expected to discuss personal problems. Children do NOT attend. Fee is $75 for one time class.

For additional information please visit the companion website for this seminar: www.UpToParents.org

*Scheduling Policy*
We understand that situations arise that could force you to reschedule or cancel a class.

For TransParenting Classes: You are allowed to reschedule a class once. A $10 processing fee will be charged for all transfer requests and cancellations prior to the registered class date. If attendance is not fulfilled after the first rescheduling, you will forfeit your spot in the class as well as your payment for the class. Clients who “no show” will forfeit the $75 class fee.

Certificate reprint: A $10 processing fee will be charged to reprint a certificate for verification of attendance.

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