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Hanna Brinkhaus, LCSW - Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Hanna Brinkhaus is a Mental Health Consultant for the Tulane Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Support and Services Program. In this role, Hanna observes caregivers in their classrooms and assists in implementing classroom strategies, provides child centered consultation for children with challenging behaviors, and meets with parent(s) for consultation, developmental guidance, review of evaluation results and assist with appropriate referrals when necessary. As a Pathways Certified Trainer, Hanna also conducts interactive Pathways certified didactic meetings with center staff and parent seminars about early childhood topics.

Though born and raised in South Louisiana, Hanna lived in Connecticut and Michigan for many years where she received a Master of Child Development concentrating in early childhood development from the University of Connecticut then a Master of Social Work from the University of Michigan concentrating in Interpersonal Practice, Children, Youth and Families. Hanna also holds a Level III Infant Mental Health Certification through the Michigan Infant Mental Health Association. Hanna’s passion is working with families and caregivers in supporting and understanding children under 5 years old. Through her private clinical practice in Lafayette, Hanna is able to offer one to one support to families.

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